Do you have a pre-service agreement?


Yes, we have a comprehensive agreement that cover's what we'll do and the agreed payment terms - for your peace of mind and our protection.

Do you offer guarantees?


No. It's impossible to predict how Google et al, will 'score' and position your website - in rare cases, your site may still be penalized or lowered in ranking due to previous work undertaken by another SEO agency. What we can guarantee is that your site will be optimized and primed for usability and accessibility to the best of our efforts.

In some instances, the benefits from your SEO and copywriting investment will be evident long after our work is complete - it may take a week, or a year, to notice improvements, increased sale conversions or improved traffic.

It's worth bearing in mind that search engines are notoriously fickle - they can take 6 months to fully re-index your site's content and re-rank you accordingly, or it may happen within several days.

Does NetSeek ever utilise techniques to trick Google?


Absolutely not! NetSeek never employ underhand methods or spamming in an attempt to ‘trick’ a search engine. SEO is admittedly a wide spectrum and we use only what we know to be deemed acceptable by Google and the like.

Unfortunately, as in any industry, there are some less scrupulous firms who may guarantee results, and never educate the client as to what they are actually doing – whether employing such techniques deliberately, or simply through a lack of real understanding.

Such firms believe in doing whatever it takes to get a site to the top - but over time, this approach is very likely to ultimately render your site penalized – even blacklisted – from Google and the like.

Is your website design search engine 'friendly'?


Absolutely. Whether we are designing a site from scratch, or re-designing, we’ll always sit down with the client to establish clear requirements, and the best strategy for ensuring their design and copy is congruent with their audience, and he increasingly demanding search engine algorithms.

No guarantees - so will we benefit?


We only work with clients with whom we are entirely confident we can benefit and work well with. There are some industries (gambling, mobile ringtones, DVDs etc) where, in most cases, the market is simply too saturated.

We have never had a client who has not benefited from our services. In fact, we no longer have to advertise - new business is nearly all word of mouth. Our reputation is extremely important to us.

We can assure you that we will provide a thorough, diligent service to the very best of our ability - we'll explain everything to your understanding.

What about over-optimizing a site?


Even with the best intentions, over-optimisation can be overkill and have the same effect as implementing less ethical methods.

Once we've optimized a site's structure using the fundamental principles of organic SEO, we use our copywriting expertise to ensure the site copy is nicely balanced for both readability and search engine indexing. A key part of this is the careful implementation of target key phrases (to achieve optimal keyword density) without compromising well-written, persuasive, lucid copy.

What is Organic SEO?


Organic SEO is a strictly ethical process of optimising a website using only natural methods - essentially, augmenting every aspect of a site to ensure search engine indexing accessibility, streamlined navigation and engaging, authentic content.

As a general rule of thumb, any natural ‘on-page’ optimisation should be visible to the user. What works for the user, usually works for Google. E.g. No hidden or tiny text, irrelevant copy, doorway pages or keyword 'stuffing'.

Essentially, good optimisation is ensuring your site is content-rich and accessible. It's about providing every reason for a search engine rank your site highly - and no reason to penalize it.

Why should I trust NetSeek?


Our expertise hasn't been developed overnight but through 8 years experience of learning what works, and what doesn't.

Look at our portfolio and testimonial pages.

We’ve worked with companies of all sizes – from a 'household-name' entertainment portal,; SpeedDater, the pioneers of the Speed-dating phenomenon; Overs, a leading international removals company, to an array of smaller businesses.

We take a strictly ethical, proactive approach to working with our clients. Not simply for them. We educate, consult and train our clients so they can truly understand what we are doing, and why.

Read Director Mark Buckingham's latest SEO feature for Internet World.

Will in-bound links to our site affect our rankings?


Yes - a significant factor behind a website's search engine prominence is the quality and nature of sites that link to you, and how they link to you. Often referred to as link popularity, it's far more important who links TO you, rather than to whom you link.

Whilst we can consult you on the best strategy to adopt in this regards, it's beyond our control to dictate who links to you, and when.

Be mindful to avoid, or decline, links from websites unrelated to your business or whom operate as 'link-farms'. An accumulation of these links can impact your rankings negatively if Google deems these links to be gathered purely to boost link popularity.