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NetSeek is a UK based specialist Amazon consultancy and training agency, helping sellers fulfil their true potential on the ever-growing marketplace. From full-service Amazon consultancy, listing optimisation and managed services, to PPC and in-house Amazon training, our wealth of experience - as well as with eBay (and eCommerce in broader terms) - can help you achieve radical results. If you’re seeking growth and profitability, why not request a FREE, no-obligation consultation to discuss how our Amazon consulting services could help your business…

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Our approach to Amazon and eBay seller consultancy, is proactive and educational. For those businesses looking for full-service management solutions, especially for those brands seeking specialist help navigating the complex world of Amazon, we believe a collaborative, consultative partnership yields the best long-term profitable results.

Whether we are delivering an Amazon full-service managed service, onsite training workshops or oversee the other areas of your eCommerce operations – from Google Ads and SEO to direct-to-consumer website development - our consultative approach has a successful, proven track record.


Amazon seller consultancy, training & management solutions - bolster your brand, increase sales & maximise profits....


Personalized, professional eBay seller training & management: helping you fine-tune & streamline your eBay business...

Google AdWords & PPC

Google Ads & Shopping PLA consultancy - training & support to help you navigate the Google Ads platform to profitable success.

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Helping your business succeed on the web…

Established in 1998, our services have evolved and matured as businesses seek visibility and profitability in an ever-saturated, often unwieldy online landscape where the competition is just one-click away. Prominent exposure, engaging content and expedient usability can be the stark difference between harnessing the fleeting attention of your visitors and maximising your conversions, or rendering your website or product listings a forgettable experience and a wasted opportunity. So let us show you how we can help your business and brand to make a real, lasting impact.

Our consultancy starts with understanding your business. We take time to listen to your frustrations, aspirations and the challenges you face before discussing what strategies might work best for your business. And we don`t do off-the-shelf: our eCommerce consultancy solutions are personalized precisely to your goals and level of experience - from SEO and PPC, to Amazon and eBay marketplace optimisation - with the aim of empowering you to expand your knowledge and grasp new opportunities at hand.

We`ve consulted companies large and small; from self-starters to multinational PLCs – and as we learn from our clients’ success and challenges, and that of our own, we’re well-equipped help your business thrive online. Whether your business needs Amazon seller account management & consultancy, eBay training, guildance with BigCommerce or Wordpress website design, or support managing your SEO or Google Ads campaigns, our wealth of experience could make a discernible difference to your business.

We offer a FREE one hour no-obligation and confidential consultation of any aspect of your website, search marketing, or eBay or Amazon account. There`s absolutely no commitment - we`ll simply offer our honest, impartial evaluation and hopefully provide a few valuable insights to help you better understand the opportunities at hand.

We`d like the opportunity to show you what we can do - so why not book a call or screenshare today, and we`ll be delighted to assist you.